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Born into a musical family, he has learned a variety of Chinese and Western musical instruments since childhood. In 1970, he was admitted to the Putian Art Troupe as a band actor and engaged in more than 100 professional performances.


He moved to Hong Kong in 1976 and is active in professional and amateur orchestras. And was admitted to the tutor group of the Government Audio System Office. In 1982, he turned to teaching musical instruments professionally, and served as orchestra conductor and musical instrument instructor in many universities, middle schools and elementary schools.


In 1986, he founded the Qingmiao Chinese and Western Art Troupe, the Qingmiao Music Company and the Hong Kong Arts Federation. So far, the Qingmiao Music Company has more than 40 branches in Hong Kong and the Mainland. More music and art courses are offered in nearly 100 middle and primary schools. In 1990, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Music Grading Exam was introduced to make students more goal-oriented and motivated. It is one of the most active art groups in Hong Kong.


In 2006, the "Hong Kong Chinese Culture and Arts Festival" was held to contribute to the development of music and art in Hong Kong and the Mainland, and the "International Music and Art Competition" has also become a competition and exchange platform for music and art interests in Hong Kong and at home and abroad.


In 2007, Mr. Huang Weida was awarded "Honorary Doctor of Science" and "World Outstanding Chinese Award" by Hamston University.

Love music, love work, love peace more. Confucianism that values harmony is the motto of Mr. Huang Weida, and world peace is his dream.

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