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Extracurricular Interest Class

Today's children need to enrich their knowledge of different subjects academically. Parents will also encourage their children to participate in extracurricular activities that match their personal interests. A suitable extra-curricular activity can not only help children fully develop their personal musical, artistic or physical potential, but also expand their thinking space, cultivate children's understanding of how to adapt to group life through individual and team exercises, and also improve their classmates. Their personal artistic temperament can also be of great help to academic study.


Furthermore, at present, most primary and secondary schools are actively implementing the "one-person, one-on-one arts" or "popularization of sports and arts" plan, so that students can actively use their spare time to learn about music and arts or participate in some orchestra training outside the normal school learning scope. Classes, so that students can achieve a balanced development of academic and musical arts.


The Qingmiao Chinese and Western Art Performance Troupe has been established for more than 30 years. With the goal of actively cultivating the younger generation, it improves personal cultural and artistic accomplishment through the study of music and art, and also promotes the development of performing arts in the community, so that everyone can enjoy the fun.


The group can prepare various types of after-school interest activity classes for each school, so that students can make full use of their spare time to learn more about music and art.

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