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about us

The purpose of the troupe

teacher teaching

Qingmiao's teachers are strong and conscientious in teaching. The tutors are all from artists, musicians and elites in the art world. Good artistic quality, rich performance skills and experience, handy teaching level, and strict requirements for earnestness, punctuality, teacher ethics, and character are well received by academics and peers. Regular tutor rehearsal and teaching and research activities, exchange of experience, continuous improvement and progress of tutors’ performance and teaching level, self-improvement and continuous improvement of young tutors, self-improvement of experienced tutors, advancing with the times, and improving tutors’ coaching ability ; The vigorous introduction of professional talents has strengthened and enriched our teaching staff, and now there are nearly 200 teachers in music, dance, and art.

Perfect management

Perfect scientific management and service-oriented work attitude are the valuable experience of Qingmiao's vigorous development in the past 20 years. Strengthen the concept of "high-quality education", implement a multi-level and multi-form management model, and take a series of measures such as regular observation activities, teaching evaluation, achievement testing, performance competitions, and encouraging grading examinations. The purpose is to improve management and select the best teaching. Adhere to close contact and communication with schools and parents, always monitor the teaching trends of tutors and students' learning progress, understand the expectations and requirements of schools and parents, and further follow up and improve, so as to make home and school feel at ease. Diligent and solid logistical follow-up work, pre-sale service and after-sale maintenance of musical instruments, standardization and unification of teaching materials, increase the confidence of schools and parents, at the same time reduce the work burden and pressure of school-related teachers, and make management work easier Standardization and systematization are also the reasons why hundreds of schools trust our success. Even consider us a guarantee of confidence as a long-term partner.

Grading competition

The group also supports the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, a famous domestic institution, to hold various music grading examinations in Hong Kong, and is committed to improving the cultural quality of Hong Kong citizens and the national awareness of loving the country and Hong Kong.
The China Shanghai Conservatory of Music Exam is organized by the Hong Kong Music Grading Examination Committee of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, which is directly under the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. The Shanghai Conservatory of Music has also appointed the International Baccalaureate Assessment Association as an agent in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to apply for registration procedures for as many as 28 subjects including Chinese, Western music and music theory. Many students have passed the grade test and entered the professional stage, admitted to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and the Department of Music of CUHK, studying for bachelor's and master's degrees, and many become mentors, cultivating a new generation of artistic talents.


Since 2006, the troupe has co-organized the Hong Kong Chinese Culture and Arts Festival (including performances, exhibitions, international music and art competitions, etc.) with the Hong Kong Chinese Cultural Federation, and has promoted the event to all over the world. The Hong Kong Chinese Culture and Arts Festival is a cultural and artistic event that integrates performances, competitions, exhibitions and elections. This event is strongly supported by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, a number of music conservatories, music professors and cultural and artistic workers in the Mainland and Southeast Asia.
The purpose and purpose of the Hong Kong Chinese Culture and Arts Festival is to promote the excellent culture and art spirit of China for thousands of years, and to enhance Hong Kong people's understanding and national awareness of Chinese culture and art. The Hong Kong Chinese Culture and Arts Festival has also entered its fourth year. We will organize more than ten different types of cultural and artistic programs, including dance, music, recitation, etc., to create more artistic elites and establish a noble artistic image for young people. Add a shining light to the Chinese national culture. We will also invite a number of internationally renowned artists as performers, judges and art consultants. It will continue to hold four rounds of the "International Music and Art Competition" every year and the annual finals.

Teaching achievement

In the annual Hong Kong Inter-School Music Festival, many young students enter the top three every year and become the leader in inter-school competitions; the "Joint School Art Show" is held regularly for relevant primary and secondary schools every year to provide students with It has become a platform for display and communication, and is well received by schools and parents. It has become an indispensable and beautiful landscape for young crops.
It is worth mentioning that the founder of Qingmiao, Mr. Huang Weida, has devoted himself to the development of culture and art with enthusiasm, with his persistent spirit, love for music and art and pursuit of career. His outstanding contributions have been recognized and rewarded by the society. In 2007, he was elected as an outstanding Chinese in the world and was awarded an honorary doctor of science by Hamston University in the United States. We firmly believe that Mr. Huang will lead the youth to a higher level every year and continue to reach a higher artistic peak. Keep moving forward.

promote cultural exchange

In 2008, the group co-organized the "International Cultural Exchange Travel Agency Co., Ltd." with the Hong Kong Chinese Culture and Arts Festival Organizing Committee. Participate in various exchange and performance activities.

Looking to the future

Trees in ten years, people in a hundred years. Young crops' success is inseparable from our own efforts, but also from the support of schools, parents, students and society. In the days to come, we will continue to provide you with high-quality art education and a series of comprehensive services, and work harder to popularize and cultivate more art talents, so that batches of outstanding students can enter The stage of your dreams, to realize your wishes.

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